You are currently viewing [VIDEO] Fuse Town Hall: Our Votes Matter | Fuse – October 2020

[VIDEO] Fuse Town Hall: Our Votes Matter | Fuse – October 2020

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Amara La Negra moderates an open and honest discussion on important issues like systemic racism, climate change and the essential value of casting your vote. We hear from political rights activist María Teresa Kumar, LGBTQ+ and Latinx advocate Ingrid Duran, national immigrant rights activist Sara Mora, 19-year-old former Houston city council candidate Marcel McClinton, environmental activist Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali, human and civil rights activist Pete White, and climate change activists Julian Brave NoiseCat and Jamie Margolin. This diverse group of activists, experts and influencers joins forces to encourage and rally Americans, focusing on why their voices MUST be heard in the 2020 elections. As Americans head to the polls next month to decide who will help them move the country forward, our goal is to inform voters about the micro and macro importance in casting a ballot.